Target Loving!

After leaving work the other day and realizing I needed to get milk for my hubby because he loves milk and must have it daily, I thought I'll go to target because I knew I could get milk for him and browse the clothing section for me.  While at target, I picked up this blazer and I must admit I like it, I love the colors especially at $30, you can't go wrong right?! Happy mid week :)


Blazer- Target (same here), Jeans- Express (similar here), Shoes- Christian Louboutin (similar here), Tank top- Forever 21(similar here)


  1. very fresh print

  2. Elizabeth Cobos PhamJuly 11, 2013 at 1:27 PM

    I have to ask...who takes your photographs with all these outfits?
    If it's your hubby then props to him!! :)

  3. Your right Liz ha! Definitely not the hubby, I wish it was him because it'd be easier access but it's ok because I have someone in photography who sometimes takes some but friends also do :) thank you! Btw your baby is beautiful!!