The Fun Mini

My hubby was out of town fishing this past weekend with his dad and a few male family friends on their "annual" fishing adventure.  Oh no worries, I would pass even if the girls had been asked to join because if you can't tell already, I'm not a fishing/outdoorsy kind of girl.  He is my best friend and I miss him when he's gone.  Anyway this outfit was what I'd worn to dinner with him before his trip. I think the skirt is shorter than I'd expected, especially since I've not had the time to work out with school nor have I made time to ;) but I thought, oh well it's dinner with my hubby.  It's short and fun!

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Top- Forever 21 (Similar here), Skirt- Zara (Similar, I like this on sale here), Shoes- Christian Louboutin (Similar here), Bag- Marc Jacobs (Same here), Watch- Micheal Kors (Similar here), Necklace- Trend Society {boutique} (Similar here), Bracelet- Anthropologie (Similar here).


Summer Leather!

Hello! Hope you had a good weekend.  I attended a close friend's birthday dinner on Friday and on Saturday, I did so much school work that I decided to take a break and do some window shopping.  I chose to do that at forever 21 because I thought that if I got tempted, at least it would be inexpensive, and guess what? I did get tempted and ended up with a faux leather skirt.  As if having another leather skirt like the one featured is not enough.  Because it's so hot, I always think, leather in the summer? but why not?! Have a good Monday!

Oh by the way, Banana Republic is having 25% off already reduced merchandise from 6/23-6/24 and GILT is having a summer sale :)

Shirt- Forever 21 (Similar, on sale here), Skirt- Forever 21 (Same here), Bag- Louis Vuitton (Same here), Shoes- MIA (Similar, on sale here)


All About Red & Yellow

Red, yellow, blue, purple, gold, white... basically most bright colors are my favorite colors because I think I look better in them since I'm darker .  Usually, I'll wear one of these colors at a time as a focal piece, but lately, I've been thinking that if I love these colors as separates, why not pair more than one of these colors together for an outfit? I chose to do this with my red wedges and yellow top!

Jeans- Express (on sale, Same here), Bag- Louis Vuitton (Same here), Shoes- Trend Society {boutique} (Similar here), Top- Ella Blu {boutique} (Sold out)


Mint & Orange

I've had this mint pair of pants for some time and when I got it, I just thought I'd wear with with a neutral colored top like white or a black to keep the focus on the mint.  But then I thought that would be me playing it safe like I can tend to do when in doubt and wanted something different.  Then I realized I'd not worn the orange top I'd purchased recently for under $10  and thought the mint and orange could complement each other with a nude pair of heels, colorful jewelry, and if nothing else, I'd end up with a non boring outfit right?!  I think I can say it's definitely not boring!

 Pants- Trend Society {boutique} (Similar here, on sale here), Top- H&M (Similar here), Bag- Louis Vuitton (Same here), Necklace- Trend Society {boutique} (Sold out), Shoes- Christian Louboutin (Similar here), Watch- Michael Kors (Similar here)


Blogger's Skort!

When I first saw this at one of my favorite stores Zara, I liked it but I was not sure about the getting it because I was not sure about the whole skort idea since I only remembered wearing skorts years ago in high school.  I decided to get it after deciding it would be something different in my wardrobe and I guess several bloggers thought the same.  I have seen this item worn by more bloggers than any other piece of clothing.  It comes in several colors but I chose blue because it's one color I love but don't have a lot of.  I must say that the skort I wore in high school years ago is definitely different from todays.  I think this is more sophisticated yet can be dressed up or down.  Try it too!

Shoe-Christian Louboutin (similar here), Skort- Zara (same here), Shirt- Forever 21 (similar here), Bag- Marc Jacobs (Same here)


Target Loving!

After leaving work the other day and realizing I needed to get milk for my hubby because he loves milk and must have it daily, I thought I'll go to target because I knew I could get milk for him and browse the clothing section for me.  While at target, I picked up this blazer and I must admit I like it, I love the colors especially at $30, you can't go wrong right?! Happy mid week :)


Blazer- Target (same here), Jeans- Express (similar here), Shoes- Christian Louboutin (similar here), Tank top- Forever 21(similar here)