Maybe it's just me but it seems as if stripes have become very popular again all of a sudden.  I'm not complaining though, merely an observation of a trend I like.  I am not a size 0 so I used to be afraid of wearing stripes for the fear that it might make me look larger than I already am, but this turned out to be a myth.  I should clarify by saying there is nothing wrong with being larger, but most would agree that they do not want to look larger than they are.  These stripes can be worn by various body types.  The stripes come in different variations as they could be larger, smaller, vertical, horizontal, more bold, more colorful, and just a black and white.   All these variations of stripes works but should be put together correctly and this starts by thinking of it like a neutral.  Also, contrary to the belief that more curvy individuals should shy away from this look, I think there is no reason not to have fun with it but a piece of advice would be to keep it more tailored and neat looking.  So, go ahead and have fun with it whether you are younger, older, a size 0, 16 or even pregnant like Reese Witherspoon below. 

(Dress- Trend Society {Boutique} (similar here), Shoes- Rampage from Macy's (similar here), Bag- Marc Jacobs (similar here)

Taylor Swift

A pregnant Reese Witherspoon

Leann Rimes in colorful stripes which is more of a day look

Horrizontal striped pants

Khloe Kardashian in a more fitted look which could transition from day to night

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