Black & White!

One of my favorite magazines, Glamour magazines points out that the black and white trend which was a spring trend, now seen in the summer is a trend that will carry into the fall and I cannot agree more.  Besides agreeing with this, I am happy to hear this because I just love this look!  I think it's clean, fresh, beautiful, and simply classic.  This look has stood the test of time lasting from one generation to the other.  There are several ways to put this look together which can include a simple black and white dress, a more dressy dress, a black top paired with a white bottom or vise verser, black tights incorporated especially in the fall/winter and more.  The great thing is, a pop of color can be added in the form of an accessory, a bag, red lips (make up), shoes, and even colorful nails and it will all look great.  Still, when kept with very minimal to no accessories as was in my case as I rushed to dinner with my hubby, I think the look still works so play with it!

Shoes- Zara (same here) , Skirt- Express (same here), Top- H&M (similar here), Bag- Michael Kors (similar here)


Maybe it's just me but it seems as if stripes have become very popular again all of a sudden.  I'm not complaining though, merely an observation of a trend I like.  I am not a size 0 so I used to be afraid of wearing stripes for the fear that it might make me look larger than I already am, but this turned out to be a myth.  I should clarify by saying there is nothing wrong with being larger, but most would agree that they do not want to look larger than they are.  These stripes can be worn by various body types.  The stripes come in different variations as they could be larger, smaller, vertical, horizontal, more bold, more colorful, and just a black and white.   All these variations of stripes works but should be put together correctly and this starts by thinking of it like a neutral.  Also, contrary to the belief that more curvy individuals should shy away from this look, I think there is no reason not to have fun with it but a piece of advice would be to keep it more tailored and neat looking.  So, go ahead and have fun with it whether you are younger, older, a size 0, 16 or even pregnant like Reese Witherspoon below. 

(Dress- Trend Society {Boutique} (similar here), Shoes- Rampage from Macy's (similar here), Bag- Marc Jacobs (similar here)


Met Gala 2013

The Met Gala is one of those celebrity events that I look forward to just to see all the beautiful and even when not beautiful, the "costumy" looks.  This year's theme was punk fashion which was evident in some of the looks.  The dramatic outfits, makeup, and hair made it all so interesting.  I loved most of the looks, and even when I did not love it, I appreciated the effort and thought "I guess in fashion, you sometimes just take risks!" These are some of the choices from the night


African Prints Influence

I am of African descent and although I've always been around African clothing with my family, I must say it's great to see it's pronounced influence in the media. African prints are bright, bold, beautiful; and I think can be worn by all body types and individuals of diverse backgrounds.  These prints exude confidence and should be worn with confidence.  Gwen Stefani, Beyonce, Kelis, Solange, and Rihanna are some celebs who look great in these as seen below.  Here are some looks I love.
Similar options with African prints seen here, here