Black, Tan & a Fanny Pack!

Dress- NY & Co (Similar), Bag- Gucci, Boots- old (Similar).

Hello, so I was thinking about fashion and how things (trends) come and go. I was thinking of trends and how some trends are worth investing in than others.  The fanny pack is one trend that as much as I like it, I would not want to buy a designer fanny pack.  Because it's not worth it for me but I like the trend, I got creative with a small handbag and wore it as a fanny pack here.

About this look, I initially wanted to keep this look in all black but thought to add a pop of  color and  decided to use this tan/nude bag because I don't wear these two colors together.  I also wanted to wear this bag as a fanny pack style which is trending and I'm playing with the idea of showing how to do this on youtube. I am actually one of the group of people who actually like the fanny pack trend, do you like the trend?  Thanks for stopping by! 
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