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Birthday Girl 2018!

Another year, another birthday, another day of celebration of life.  I'm so thankful to be able to celebrate another year and thankful for too much.  They say the secret to having it all is knowing you already do.  I can honestly say I do not need anything and I am thankful for that.  I don't say this is in an arrogant way but more in a grateful way imperfections and all.  On my birthday, I wanted to share what I have learned thus far on 3 different subjects being love/marriage, friendships, and life.  I think I have figured out certain things at this point in my life but I still pray for continuous growth, knowledge, health, prosperity, and more life.

On love/marriage: I can say it's not always easy but it's worth fighting for.  I don't believe it when they say it shouldn't be tough.  Yes it shouldn't be tough all the time but when you think about it, it's two different people making a life for them selves and there will be differences and challenges but you just have to work at it and like thy say the grass is not always greener on the other side, it's greener where you water it.  Another thing I'll leave you with on this is, marry or be with the one who loves you more or at minimum loves you the same.  Yes two people can love each other the same but never end up with someone you feel you love more and this is hard for some to admit to themselves.  They should love you more or you two be at the same level.

On friendships: I believe some people have a natural ''luck" with friendships and some don't and I for one do not.  When you have that natural luck for it, you do your part as a friend and the friendships flourishes but if you don't, even when you do your part, sometimes your friendships don't always flourish and I can say that it's ok.  I have accepted this and as much as I continue to give my best to friendships I choose to, I don't have any expectations and when you have no expectations, you are not disappointed. I do think being friends with people whom you are at a similar "level or point" in life is a good start because it reduces envy, jealousy and they just get it more. I'm not saying you can't be friends with people at different points in life from you, i'm just saying it appears to help the friendship in my observation.   I am a high maintenance friend who gives that much and expects same but now I am learning to not have the expectations and roll with it to the level at which I'm comfortable.

On life: There is so much I have to say about this but I'll save most for another post.  I do have to say though, you should start by knowing what you want at some point in this life, then ask, believe and you shall receive.  I'm a firm believer in this as long as it's not what hurts/harms another.  Life can be tough at times but we have to choose happiness, make the conscious effort to be happy, to look at the glass half full instead of half empty.  Also, to understand that there will be some bad days, but they are not permanent for there are good ones too.  And another thing I usually tell my friends is the quote that says something like, if it's absolutely not working out where you are, are not a tree.  I think this applies to jobs, relationships, certain conditions, etc.  This is all in my humble opinion from my observation.  Please feel free to share thoughts!

About my look being that it's my birthday, I wanted a dressy look and so I added fishnet tights, a belt, and lady-like bag to this green dress I'd found on sale months ago.  Hope you like and thanks for stopping by!  Photography by Delilah

Dress- H&M (Similar, Similar), Tights- old (Similar), Belt- Gucci (Here), Bag- Gift (Similar, Similar).
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A Touch of a Bow!

Shoes- Casadei ( SimilarSimilar), Skirt- H&M (Similar, Similar), Shirt- Express (Here), Bow tie- c/o Nnnamdi Moghalu (Here), Jacket- H&M (Here).

Hello and hope you had a great weekend.  I traveled to see my mom and if you saw in my stories, it was for a surprise birthday party for mom.  She is so loving and does a lot for others so it was good celebrating her too.  In the African culture, atleast in my area, we tend to celebrate one when they pass on but I think we should remember to do this when they are alive also and show appreciation. 

About this look, one of my ig friends who's a talented designer Nnamdi gifted me with this beautiful bow tie and I wanted to style it without wearing trousers.  I sometimes love an androgynous look with mixing a bit of masculinity with feminine wear and so that's how this look came about.  Hope you like and thanks for stopping by! 
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STYLE: Greys & a Pop of Neutral!

Shorts- H&M (Here), Blazer- H&M (Here), Tank top- H&M (Similar), Belt bag- Forever 21 (Similar, Similar), Heels- Christian Siriano for Payless (Similar).

Hope you had a good weekend! It's funny how sometimes we have plans but it does not go as planned in this case the plan was to go to the pumpkin patch but the weather and other factors affected that.  It was ok because what was important was we were still spending time home with Ella.

About this look, I liked this short suit because the pattern was different and I fund it was from a collaboration H&M had.  I liked that each piece of this look can be worn separately and I added the cognac belt bag just for an unexpected twist and truth is, I like belt bags.  Hope you like, thanks for stopping by and have a great day!
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Heels-Sergio Rossi (HereSimilar, Similar), Blazer-JC Penney (Similar, Similar), Boots- c/o Justfab (Similar), Bag- Gifted (Similar, Similar), T-shirt- Target (Here), Jeans- Express (Similar, Similar).

Hello, hope you are having a great week.  I titled this blessed because of what the T-shirt said but I have to say the t shirt was a nice reminder as I try to be thankful everyday because I am so blessed.  I think we can always find something in every day to feel blessed about. 

Anyway about the look, I wanted an all grey look even if it meant different shades of it.  I don't wear a lot of greys as I feel it makes me look ashy but every now and then I venture out and wear it because I like it on others.  I added the grey bag and heels to the t-shirt, denim and blazer. I also paired it with the justfab floral boots.  Which do you like better? Thanks for stopping by!
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STYLE: A Pop Of Red Paper Bag Waist Trousers!

Heels- Christian Louboutin (here, similar) Watch and Sunnies- MVMT (Here, Here [use code helloyvonneblog15 for $15 off]), Shirt- JCPenney (Here)Trousers- older NY &Co (Similar, Similar).

Hello and hope your week has been going great so far.  Mine has been ok but I am ready for the weekend and this weekend, I am supposed to attend a local fashion week show.  I am excited about this because I love fashion clearly and have future plans on attending NYFW or Milan, Lagos or Paris.  Since I have not been able to do so, getting a small taste of it even locally is exciting to me and I'll chat about it next time.

About this look, I love red year round and find that although it is synonymous with holiday season, it can be worn year round by everyone.  It just adds a certain pop to any look and with the trousers, I loved the sheen, the high waist, and the paper bag waist feature.  I wanted the focus on the trousers so I simply added black heels, bag, shirt and voila.  Hope you like, and thanks for visiting!
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Hello! So it's been a few months since I wrote a mommy blog post with the last post being the 5 things I had used the least months into motherhood.  This post will share the few items I have found myself using so much this first year of motherhood and this is just my opinion and not sponsored.  I should just start by saying Ella is now walking all over the place haha, saying some words like dada, thank you, oh oh, this, good girl (because I say it a lot) and it's so amazing to watch the milestones.  Here are some of the items:

1) Sterilizer: here

2) Drying Rackhere, here

Munchkin High Capacity Drying Rack, White
3) Bath Tub: We used this fisher price one here, here and I had liked it because it transitions from new born baby as they get months older.  When they are newborn, it has a net sling piece that you lay the baby in it but as they grow older, it has a sitting piece and then can be removed for just the bath.

4) Dock a tot sleeper: We got it from here and I'd thought this would just be a trendy item but Ella loves it and used it for months.  It is good to use when just spending time with them and they lay there even when in the bed because it gives a barrier.  Follow the recommendations by the dock a tot company though and always follow the recommendations of your child's doctor/provider.
DockATot Deluxe+ Dock (Pristine White) - The All in One Baby Lounger - Perfect for Co Sleeping - Suitable from 0-8 Months (Pristine White)

5) 8 oz bottles: For bottles, I have found that the Dr Browns bottles here, here, here worked great for us.  It has a middle fully vented piece in the middle which reduces air bubbles and reduces gassiness and fussiness in my opinion.  I would recommend to get the 8 oz bottles even when they are at 2 ounces because they can grow with the bottle with 3 ounces, 6 ounces etc.  Also it has a nice kit which can be purchased and includes bottles, nipples, a pacifier which Ella loves, a travel case for formula and other goodies. Dr. Brown's Original Bottle, 8 ounce, 4-Pack

6) Baby Monitors/Camera System: We have 2 different types including this here, here but some options are here, here, here and I feel these give you some slight peace of mind when baby is in another room sleeping and you are getting any other work done.  I do say it should never replace actually going to check up on your baby physically often but in moments when you aren't doing that, I have used these a lot.  Camera systems have become so advanced now that you can leave the house with someone while they are there and can watch through your phone app.
YI Home Camera, Security Camera Wireless IP Surveillance Camera with Night Vision Activity Detection Alert Baby Monitor, Remote Monitor with iOS, Android App - Cloud Service Available (2 Pack)

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Lifestyle: Ella's First Birthday Celebration!

 (please do not use my baby's pictures without my written consent, thanks)

Hello and thank you for stopping by! Thanks to all who liked or wished Ella a happy birthday and also to those who celebrated with us.  I'm choosing not to put a lot of pictures of guests for their privacy but very thankful for all who joined us.  These are just a few pictures from the party shot by a friend who does photography and another photographer/videographer.  I'll give a brief run down of the party.  I chose to have it on the Saturday following her birthday.  I sent out birthday card invitations in the mail as opposed to text or email just so they could have a picture of her to keep as a memory.

I had a fellow blogger friend Jordan from Jordan's easy entertaining (also on instagram) help me with the decor and although the pictures don't capture it well, I thought it was beautiful.  I chose to use blush pink, whites and rose golds color theme as opposed to a character theme since she is not quite into any one character yet naturally with the age.  A white tent was in the backyard next to the pool with some floating balloons, a lifeguard on hand, rose gold spray painted vases with pink flowers as centerpieces.  Also there was white tulle with flowers on the gated pool fence.  Inside, we had a beautiful dessert table with cake, cupcakes, candies, and cookies.  There were pink candy baggies so the kids could take candy home as their favor.  Ella had two birthday cakes, one with a rosette style matching her dress was made by Jordan from here and the other cake with her name plaque on it was by Tina's Treats Texas both beautiful and tasted great.  We used balloons, some with confetti, tissue paper pom poms, and paper fan decorations as well as white and pink linens and rose gold plates and cutlery.  It was not intended to be a pool party but towards the end of the party, a lot of the kids got into the pool with their parents and lifeguard watching.  We also had a lot of food, african cuisine, BBQ from Rib Hut, an amazing lit at night jumping balloon in the backyard by the tent, and a lovely vendor who did face painting, balloon animals and made cotton candy which the kids all enjoyed.

I could go on but ultimately I loved every moment of it because we got to celebrate my baby Ella whom Jason and our families are thankful for.  I loved seeing her smile and one of my favorite moments that night was when she joined the others to clap for herself standing and smiling after they sang happy birthday to her.  I pray to God to celebrate many many more future birthdays.
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