Doctorate Graduation 2017

[Please excuse my long absence as I was dealing with pregnancy sickness as well as putting my efforts into making this graduation mentioned possible].  

May 13th was one of my most memorable days in my life thus far.  It was the day I graduated with my doctorate degree.  I got my doctorate in nursing practice (DNP) specifically.  It was approximately a 2 year process and although not always easy, I would do it again because it was a personal and professional goal with the push of my parents and the support of my husband.  Accomplishing this just meant I had attained the highest level in my field.  I wanted to share this because I sometimes get questions on schools and nursing programs in particular.  Besides the specific questions I answer, I wanted to share this to encourage whoever is in school or considering going to a certain program whether in nursing or not to encourage them to just go for it. 

 I can say that I have never been the most intelligent/smartest in my classes but I have always been determined and hardworking (willing to put in the work).  I believe with the will of God and these qualities, goals such as these can be accomplished.  I am proud to say I'm one of the first in my family with a doctorate degree and I hope this sets the path and inspires others in my family as well as any others that they too can do the same if they wish to.  I did it not just for me but for my family.  The above pictures are a few from my graduation ceremony and graduation party at home thrown by family.  I was thankful for the few family members, friends, and the Virtuous women group (in the matching ankara fabric) in Ohio who flew in to lend a support to their friend my mother and joined the celebration.  It was overall a good day I'm thankful to God for.  Thanks for reading!


  1. You look beautiful! Congratulations to you on your big day, your hard work really paid off. Those Virtuous women in their Ankara was gorgeous

  2. Yes I loved their Ankara & thought it was gorgeous too. And thank you very much


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