Casual in a Pink Suit!

"Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together"

Jacket- ASOS (Here), Trousers- ASOS (Here), Bag- Reed krakoff (Similar, Similar), Shoes- Forever 21 (Similar, love this), T-shirt- H&M (Similar).

Hello, can you believe it's September? The year is flying by and I hope the year is going by as you'd hoped for and if it's not, keep working and praying for it and trust that if it's supposed to be, it will.  I was in church this past weekend and I remember not praying for certain things yet praying for others.  I chose not to be so specific because sometimes I'm not sure if what I want, when I want it is Gods plan for me at this time and besides I'm aware that sometimes what we think is good can fall apart for better things to fall together.  So I said to God to let his will for me to prevail.   By the way I'm no perfect christian, but I try.
About this look, I wanted to casually dress down this pink suit (excuse the wrinkles which occurred in the car ride) and thought to do so by adding casual loafers and a T shirt.  A colorful suit can be dressed up or down with the added bag, shirt, shoes paired with.  Thanks for stopping by!

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