Flirty Shirt Dress!

Shirt dress- Express (Here), Boots- Forever 21 (Similar, Similar), Bag- Express/Sale (Similar, Similar).
Photography by http://sergiozamora.squarespace.com/

Hello! So in the process of changing jobs, I started thinking of how important it had been for me to leave on good terms after all, I appreciated my experience there.  It made me think of the saying "not to burn your bridges".  I have had situations where I forgave but burnt the bridge knowing I'm moving ahead and not looking back and I'm ok with it.  But with this particular work situation, I didn't find it necessary to "burn the bridge" because although I was moving on, it was on good terms but contrary to what most say, I am a believer in sometimes burning bridges when necessary.  I think doing so prevents one from going back to someone/something that was probably bad for you anyway.  So when a situation (personal, professional or anything in between) is not productive, not healthy, causing more harm than good, I say move forward and burn that bridge without looking back.  Burn, baby burn haha
About this outfit, I simply added this cognac/chestnut colored bag and matching colored boots with this shirt dress.  I thought to do the over the knee boots because the shirt dress is a bit short  and the weather is still a bit cool.  As much as I will wear fitted items sometimes, I love the ease of an outfit and the flared bottom of this dress is easy, flirty and fun.  Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. The shirt dress is perfect! I agree with you on burning bridges if the person, thing or experience was detrimental to ones overall health and sanity. The boots are too fab! Happy 2016!

    1. If detrimental to ones health and sanity is exactly what I mean, I'm happy to hear you agreed. Thank you very much also, and happy 2016! X

  2. Looking flirty and pretty..love entire ensemble

  3. Looking flirty and pretty..love entire ensemble

  4. I love this look and colour combo on you, the dress is my fave. And I couldn't agree with you more that sometimes you really do need to burn a bridge or two and move on (Light it up! lol).

    Abigail. Xx

    1. Light it up is right babe haha but thank you! Glad you stopped by!!xo

  5. I love this Yvonne! The boots and dress look fabulous on you.
    And I agree with you, sometimes you gotta burn a bridge to move forward in life :)
    Hope you are enjoy your new job.

    xo, Jackie


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