Cobalt & Stripes!

Dress- Local Boutique (Similar, Similar, I like), Heels- Express (Similar), Necklace/old- Anthropologie (Similar), Jacket- Express (Similar), Clutch- Local Boutique (Similar).
Photography by http://sergiozamora.squarespace.com/
  Hope you are having a good week! I remembered my conversation with a girlfriend from the other day and thought to share.  I'd asked her what she'd done that day and she'd stated casually she had gone to the movies alone.  She could've asked me to go with her if she needed someone to go with but she hadn't because she does this sometimes.  I admire the fact that she is ok with doing things like this by herself and although I have no problem doing somethings alone, I have never done this and plan on doing it sometime.  I think it's a part of appreciating your "alone time" and it's ok.  Have you ever done something like a movie or a concert by yourself?
Anyway about this look, I shopped from my closet and although I'd paired this striped dress with red in the past, I added a leather jacket and opted for cobalt blue accents this time with the jewelry, bag, and heels.  I wanted an easy dress and this piece in my closet is an easy go to.  Thanks for visiting!  
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  1. Alone time is so important! Your girlfriend is a brave girl!
    I would love to do it too sometime.

    You look absolutely stunning in that dress Yvonne;)
    Wow the colors you added are plain perfection.

    xx Tamara Chloé


    1. I agree it's so important too! And yes I agree she is brave. Also, thank you very much pretty lady!

  2. I used to go the movies alone and loved it. Sometimes I used to have the whole theatre to myself...oh I miss those days!!

    Now about the dress and the clutch? Very well styled. Cobalt blue is such a gorgeous colour. Love it

    Liza | YaaLias Fashion Sense Blog | http://www.yaalia.com

    1. Thank you dear and thanks for stopping by! But that's good to know you did this and I will be trying this whole movie alone and hopefully it's all to myself or not crowded as I hear it enhances the experience :)

  3. This dress is so gorgeous and I love it with the blue!

    I used to do things by myself all the time including going to the movies and out to eat. At the time, I lived in my sorority house with 26 girls and I just needed time to myself every once in awhile. I sure wish I had the option of still doing this now that I have kids LOL!

    1. I can understand alone time especially with a sorority house situation hah... Thank you Jordan!

  4. Lovely dress !



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