Peter Pilotto & Mixed Prints!

I hope you had a nice weekend.  I attended a concert with my hubby and inlaws on Saturday and on Sunday, shopped the Peter Pilotto collection at Target.  My target had a good selection and was not crowded which was not great for my credit card because I had many pieces I loved, including this 2 piece mixed prints ensemble.  I think this will be great as separates too.  I was pleasantly surprised with the collection.  I thought the quality was good...as good as it could be for the price point.  I also liked the fabric choices.  Most of the pieces  are lined and or have a thicker fabric which I liked.  I also found that most styles were true to size except the blazer and button down shirts I thought ran slightly big but not enough for me to go down a size.  Overall I loved this collaboration. 
Speaking of loving many pieces and struggling with what to get knowing my hubby would see what I'd spent because I'd be using the one credit card we shared, I started wondering if sharing bank accounts is a good idea for a relationship.  My hubby and I have separate bank accounts but are considering whether to keep it this way or have it joint.  Sometimes I think having it joint would force me to be more aware and be a less impulsive shopper but also I wonder if it'd just cause more marital disagreements which is why I'm leaning towards separate.  Regardless I think whether shared or separate, there should be open communication on finances like everything else.  What do you think? 

Shoes-Zara (Similar), Tights- Express, Skirt- Peter Pilotto for Target, Shirt- Peter Pilotto for Target, Clutch- Express (Similar), Necklace- H&M (I like), Glasses- Gift (Similar).
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  1. That outfit looks amazing on you Yvonne! I haven't had a chance to take a peek at the collection yet, I have been so busy. My hubby and I joined our bank accts right after we got married and at first it took some getting use to on my part, but believe me, it's a breeze now. We never make big purchases without first discussing it and we try to stick to our monthly budget. Mine you, we both have separate checking accts that our salaries go into we just transfer the budgeted amount into our joint savings to pay bills and save. It's a happy medium, in my opinion.

  2. you look lovely.
    i love this prints for target.


  3. You styled the outfit beautifully; you look lovely.
    I agree with you that communication is the key to a successful marriage irrespective of whether the accounts are joined or not. It's always great to have some sort of joint finance/collaboration though..:-) for the sake of family/financial responsibility.


  4. love these patterns


  5. First of all I wanna say the prints are hot!
    Also, I believe it depends on your relationship, its always good to do whats best for the both of you and not what everyone is doing. A joint account is not bad as long as you both have good communication skills and understanding, the same goes for a separate account. Just do what you think feels right.

  6. You look awesome! I love, love, love, that combo!!! I purchased a printed bikini top (that I'm going rock as a crop top) and a matching pair of printed wide leg trousers. I can't wait to wear them!

  7. Thank you! Try net-a-porter.com, might be able to get it.

  8. I agree that some sort of finance collaboration is great to run the household. Thanks so much for your input!

  9. Thank you! I liked the patterns too :)

  10. Thank you so much for your input! I agree that it's good to do what works for your relationship because relationships are all different.

  11. Loved the crop top too & looking forward to seeing you style it!! Thank you very much!

  12. Thank you so very Nesha! & thanks for the input. I'm sure you can find the collection online whenever you get to it. I love the idea of having separate checking accts but transferring a certain amount into a joint one for the household. It's good to hear this has been working out for you two because I like this idea! ;)

  13. I love both pieces on you! I shopped the Peter Pilotto collection too but our selection sucked!! Target Canada is still relatively new here and they still have several kinks to work out :( What other pieces did you pick up? I bought the cardigan (blue,black and white), crop top sweater and a tank top. What I really wanted was the moto jacket :(
    As for shared bank accounts, I think you have to do whats best for your relationship. And as longs lines of communication about finances are always open then either one will work. The hubs and I have separated accounts but shared credit cards, we never make big purchases without talking to each other about them first.

    xo, jackie

  14. Love this pieces....I wasn't too obsessed with some of the Target pieces. Love the combo!

    ps. I can't wait to see the blue on you. I am thinking about getting the blue, but don't want to go overboard. ;)


  15. Thank you Stella! Yes I could not decide between the blue red and black but since I need more blue in my closet, I went with that. I do love how you styled your red and black ones. Beautiful!

  16. Jackie hi! I also got the romper and love it for spring/summer. My target still has a few pieces left so watching for it to go on sale & I'm sure I'll get more like the jacket haha & thank you for your input on shared accts. I'm leaning towards separate like you but communicating for big purchases especially ;)


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