All About Red & Yellow

Red, yellow, blue, purple, gold, white... basically most bright colors are my favorite colors because I think I look better in them since I'm darker .  Usually, I'll wear one of these colors at a time as a focal piece, but lately, I've been thinking that if I love these colors as separates, why not pair more than one of these colors together for an outfit? I chose to do this with my red wedges and yellow top!

Jeans- Express (on sale, Same here), Bag- Louis Vuitton (Same here), Shoes- Trend Society {boutique} (Similar here), Top- Ella Blu {boutique} (Sold out)


  1. Super cute outfit! Love how the red and yellow really make this outfit pop!


  2. Thanks for the great comments on my blog. Bright colours look great on you! Lovely blog.

  3. Yes, I feel the same! Thank you Ngozika (I can pronounce it ;)

  4. Such a small world. Ngozika is my cousin!

  5. Hi Yvonne! Thanks for visiting my blog! Saw this on Instagram and liked it. Love the yellow and red combo!

    -Nathy @ Earnestyle

  6. Thank you & you are welcome! I enjoyed your blog! I'll keep visiting :)


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